In a world of constant evolution, security in the defense sector has become a fundamental pillar for human progress. In this context, Venetic has emerged as a prominent leader in the industry and has established itself as a strategic partner to the armed forces of various countries around the world. Our company combines cutting-edge technology and extensive engineering expertise to set the standard in the field of global security.

With pride, we assert that we are the only company in the world that has successfully achieved an operational radar modernization of both the transmitter and processor, maintaining their full functionality for over three years. This outstanding accomplishment has demonstrated our deep technical expertise and our ability to implement innovative and reliable solutions in the radar technology field. Our dedication to excellence and longterm operational sustainability positions us as one of the undisputed leaders in the radar system modernization domain. The modernization of the AN/TPS-70 radar is an ongoing and significant process in radar technology, as it involves the upgrading and enhancement of detection and tracking systems to adapt to changing challenges and security needs.

Our primary objective is to meet the requirements of our clients and ensure the protection of their territories. As subject matter experts, and with the support of world-class manufacturing partners, we are fully committed to providing advanced technical solutions, guaranteeing outstanding performance. Radar modernization thus becomes a strategic imperative in the current landscape of security and defense. We understand the need to stay at the forefront of technology to ensure supremacy and efficiency in the fields of surveillance and tracking.


At Venetic, we strive every day to offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions tailored to the technological challenges faced by our clients. Our unique approach enables us to provide exceptional service and unparalleled results.

Equipment and Component Upgrades: The modernization of the AN/TPS-70 radar includes the upgrade of obsolete equipment and components. By incorporating cuttingedge technology, we ensure the long-term reliability and performance of the radar, avoiding costly replacements of entire systems.

Increased Detection and Tracking Capability: With the modernization of the AN/TPS70 radar, there is a significant improvement in the capability to detect and track targets.

Enhanced Target Resolution and Discrimination: Thanks to the increased bandwidth in radar modernization, there is a significant improvement in target resolution and discrimination. This capability allows for the precise identification and tracking of smaller and slower targets, providing detailed and valuable information for strategic and tactical decision-making.

Electromagnetic Interference Resistance: Modernization incorporates advanced electromagnetic interference mitigation techniques. This ensures that the radar can operate in highly hostile environments, ensuring reliable signal transmission and increased operational availability even in adverse conditions.

Integration into Defense Networks: Modernization facilitates integration into broader defense networks. By connecting the radars to a coordinated surveillance and defense network, situational awareness and resource management efficiency are improved, allowing for a rapid and accurate response to complex challenges.

Our solutions include:

Solid-State Transmitter Design and Installation: By implementing state-of-the-art technology, we ensure improved performance and greater efficiency in the AN/TPS-70 radar. Our highly trained team ensures precise and secure installation.

Next-Generation Radar Processor: With our advanced processor solution, you will experience a significant improvement in detection and tracking capabilities. The integration of this cutting-edge technology enhances radar precision and operational effectiveness.

Mode-S and Mode-5 IFF System Modernization (MSSR): We offer comprehensive and customized integration of the IFF system, including a new antenna, Rotary Joint, and Mode-S and Mode-5 capabilities. This provides more accurate target identification and tracking.

Certified Technical Personnel Training: We understand the importance of having a highly trained team. Our certified training program ensures that operational personnel are
fully prepared to operate and maintain the new capabilities of the AN/TPS-70 radar.

Technical Documentation Package: To support every aspect of our solution, we provide detailed and comprehensive technical documentation. This ensures a smooth transition and optimal operation of the modernized radar.
There is no reason to compromise the security and efficiency of your radar. Through the solutions offered by Venetic, you will be well-prepared to face future challenges and ensure security. Join our company in this technological transformation, working together toward a safe and successful future. If you would like more information about the solutions for the AN/TPS-70 radar, please contact us.