Site Surveys & Performance Evaluations

Venetic provides radar site surveys including fixed and mobile radar systems, site civil works and facilities infrastructure.
These surveys provide the Customer vital information on the status of the sensor site and its capability to perform the assigned mission.
Venetic also provides radar evaluation services to determine baseline, operational and post modernization performance information to our Customers. These evaluations are performed to detect radar performance deviations from established standards and to assist Customers in isolating the caus es of substandard sensor performance.

Key survey and radar evaluation capabilities

  • System power quality analysis for commercial and generator power systems.


  • Civil construction surveys including facilities, towers, radomes and security perimeters.


  • Operational and maintenance checks for fixed and mobile radar systems.


  • Radar data recording and quality analysis with performance evaluation reports.


  • Detailed analysis of the antenna, processing and transmission subsystems.


  • Evaluation of site cabling and waveguide loss and performance.


  • Site coverage map generation.