Venetic offers the technology of choice for satellite communications system solutions. We are also a system integrator with the ability to manage large, complex projects with capabilities to provide custom solutions for specific requirements. Post system acceptance, we remain a dedicated partner, supporting our customers throughout the lifecycle of the product or system.

Venetic has many years of experience with the modernization of legacy air surveillance radar systems. Our modernization program is focused on extending the service life of radar systems via the replacement of obsolete components, modernization of major subsystems and simplification of the logistics support chain.

Venetic offers a cost effective technical support solution where members of our team serve as a technical liaison between you and your potential overseas customers. Our qualified team is available 24/7 full-time or part-time to provide the interface between your business development team and customer’s technical staff.

Our technical staff has a wide range of skills in both lab and field environments. From remote islands to desert war zones, our technicians will assist with the design, integration, and installation of your telecommunications project of any size and scope, anywhere in the world.

Experience of our staff

Los técnicos de Venetic han viajado por todo el mundo realizando proyectos técnicos y nos especializamos en operaciones en países de habla hispana.

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Contamos con tres capacidades principales en los servicios que ofrecemos. En cada uno de ellos ofrecemos servicios con capacidades específicas.